Corporate Backup Care

Our corporate backup childcare program is a wonderful benefit offered by forward-thinking companies looking to support employees and reduce absenteeism.

Common instances in which employees may consider utilizing in-home emergency backup care through MyFairyNanny include (but are not limited to):

Any parent appreciate the comfort and peace of mind that comes with knowing their children are with caring, experienced and skilled babysitters.

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Postpartum Childcare Benefits

Are you a local business looking to attract and retain the best talent?

Consider offering the unique benefit of postpartum childcare in the form of Overnight Newborn Care and In-Home Postpartum Visits for your employees.

Postpartum Home Visits by a Registered Nurse

This service is intended for families that have just brought their baby/babies home and have a million questions. Our in-home visit benefit is a wonderful way for your company to show your employees that you are thinking of them during this unique and often stressful period. Our Registered Nurses and Doulas will spend 4 hours addressing any of the family’s questions and providing teaching around the following:

Overnight Newborn Care

Give your employees and their significant other the gift of sleep though our Overnight Newborn Care benefit. You set your budget and we help you customize a plan for offering a set number of nights of overnight care by a Newborn Care Provider. Employees can then schedule these nights as needed directly with MyFairyNanny.

Hotel Service

Enjoy your visit to Algarve – our professional babysitters will keep your children happy and engaged. Whether you’re traveling to Algarve or Lisbon for that once-in-a-lifetime interview, a special event, a business trip, or to take in the sights, you’re looking forward to a stress-free visit. Don’t leave childcare to chance. Our engaging babysitters will provide expert childcare and keep your children safe, happy, and entertained. All of our nannies:

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